3. International Trade, Finance and Banking

3. International Trade, Finance and Banking


KikeWatch India

  Vijeta Uniyal One of the most avid jewish cocksucker, an Indian settled in Europe. He is the founder of Indo-Israeli friendship group - Indians United for Israel https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003875010164&pnref=story   Israel India Media Forum - 8446 members https://www.facebook.com/groups/IsraelIndia/   "Israel Hindi mein" Israel in Hindi https://www.facebook.com/IsraelHindi/   in India, Israel embassy's official page https://www.facebook.com/IsraelinIndia/  ... Continue Reading →


Wide Awake Gentile

All political parties have groups and lobbies which are friendly with some nations and not so friendly with others The BJP however is a strongly pro-Israel party where the question isn’t one of being kosher or not but of HOW KOSHER each politician is Its to put it mildly ALMOST LIKE THE US

The Following is the BJP Parliamentary Board Officially its Highest Body The following are its constituents

Rajnath Singh


Current Party President has made the right noises vis-a-vis Israel Asked the UPA (Congress) Government to support  Israel in its fight with Hamas See here Has met the Israeli Ambassador more then once Hereand here   On a recent US visit virtually acted a an agent of Modi and tried to use the Jew lobby to get Modi a US visa but failed Here

Fomer PM Atal Behari Vajpayee (Retired Suffers from Dementia)


Prime Minister between 1998-1999 and…

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Welcome to the Indian Goyim Party

Hi there fellow Indian goyim. This blog has been started as an honest and humble effort to awaken the gentile sheeple of India from their slumber and make them aware of the totalitarian one world government orwellian agenda of the tribe that declares itself as the God's Chosen people. This agenda is recognized by different... Continue Reading →

Goon Squad

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 British Ministry of Truth Said in 1944 That the Holocaust Must be Created to Distract from USSR Massacres “There exists no document signed by Hitler, Himmler, or Heydrich speaking of exterminating Jews… and, the word ‘extermination’ does not appear in the letter from Herman Goering to Heydrich concerning the Final Solution... Continue Reading →

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